Good People Know

Art Thomas

What they know and where are they when you need them?

People who consider themselves good, are some where being phony, because they do not want you to know when they do something you consider bad. So good people spend most of their lives in hiding.

Where good people be quiet, stop..., bad people keep going and you wonder how bad prevails. Today, why do we have more evil than good. Why are we less trustworthy? Why a decline in quality of life?

All good people realize it takes hard work and dedication to do anything worthwhile.

They're in it for the long term and it's not worth to be bad, that's short term gratification and brings about conscious problems.

So hold on! Be prepared! If it is easy, then it not worth it. If it is hard, keep at it. One day you will be pleasantly surprised.

(((your inner



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