Be Quiet

What do you do when you know something isn't right?Is there nothing you can do about it?

Some see themselves as powerless and that's okay, but there are others who are willing to express their feelings as best as they can.

Do you think I like problem solving, why yes I do and that is what drives me. Why wait until "after the fact"? Something to complain about but nothing better to do???

Be quite while I Beat your Ass. Some people can stand quietly by while the masses are slaughtered, not me. Many of us have fell for the guilt trip they put on us for being their slaves. All of us have never experienced human rights, fighting so hard for civil rights, civil wars and other wars, for which we had (((no cause))).

Now, I'll be the first to tell you,,,"we are some real dumb ass people". If we weren't we would be much further ahead of the game. So why are we so far behind? Why do our communities suffer so? Why can't we agree on shit? and right there is the problem, many of us don't want to be treated with respect. The President is working like hell. Why don't we pitch in on some of the most strategic and most critical work we have in front of us. The systems need reforming.

Because they treat two of us with respect and disrespect the rest of us, are we supposed to settle? Are things getting better? Why sit back acting like this shit does not phase us?

Why am I not supposed to say anything? Why should I say, “fend for yourself”? Why live in yesteryear? Not blaming the system but pointing out obvious tricks used to destroy a people and causing a people to destroy themselves. It’s not the system but the people behind the system. Where in the hell is there to move on, when we're moving backwards all the time?

A dear reader sharing said and because some of you may feel the same, I decided to published her comments: Arthur,here we go again kicking on the some old dead horse, how is that working for you? time to move on, all of us don't have to be left behind,let all of the shit gooo!and fend for your self ,be the Arthur of yester year,do it for yourself you have it in you,but you want to blame the system and every body else ,you of all people know that you know that you know! take care ***** Virginia**** you say who am I *** I know who I am and I'm not out looking for her! don't like it ? ohh well How do you know who you are, when you never had a chance to be? Now, someone who does not feel obliged to human rights shared this with me. What about women rights?

What good is knowing when you don’t do a damn thing? Who's supposed to encourage you? To whom do we listen? It is time for an intellectual revolution, if you have any intellect at all. It is time for wisdom to lead the way, not money. This is not a black and white thing, but a human rights thing. There are people who stood up for us, why do we stop standing for ourselves?

Historically, we have always been the wrong people, how do we start being the right people-human beings? How do they know if you say nothing?

It is time for anyone, with their eyes open, to stand up and point out the humane treatment, by which we are cause to suffer. Telling us every man for himself is “bullshit”/uncle Tom.

Whether you think so or not, it has to be one for all and all for one. How do you think they keep us divided, causing us to destroy ourselves trying to meet “mission impossible”? United we stand, divided we fall.

No more is it about racism, which never worked anyhow, but about human rights, which we never had but does work. Why not treat every human being humanely, rather than asking for special favors, like civil rights, women rights. How can you have a civil right, when you don’t have human rights. Had our leaders thought like that, we would be in better shape today.

Remember, you don’t have to read my website, but I must keep writing. Freedom of speech, why not exercise it for once, for something worthwhile?

Harriet Tubman said it best a long time ago: I freed thousands of slaves and I would have freed thousands more, HAD THEY KNOWN THEY WERE SLAVES. Why have a website if all you're going to talk about is shit that doesn't matter?

We’re so fucked up we do not know the value of anything anymore – lives, homes, cars, gas… And you're saying "keep quiet". Keeping quiet, while others wreak havoc, is what got us here.

Why tell someone working hard as hell to shut up, when you need to encourage them to stand up? We should all be saying "the same thing", rallying people at times when it matters most, conducting most essential conversations that anyone will have. Your wisdom is one of our best tools to shape those conversations for the strongest impact. What does that cost? Is freedom ever free?

Helping you be the best you can be...

(((your inner

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