I'm a daredevil too, but i hope more in a practical and productive sense.

Daredevils and memories you shall never forget. You say, What's the difference between dying in old age and being shot out of a canon? What is untimely death, should we grow them?

Is it about facing your fears? Is it confidence in the wrong direction? Or is it about being entertained, live action, compromising adventure, adrenalin junkies, controlling families and relationships of little value. What is the difference between a daredevil and a real hero?

How do dare devils generate the love and respect they think they deserve? You emerge yourself in work, work, and work all the time, you practice. It’s a mad joy for life in all its insanity.

How horrific will the consequences of your decision be? Death defying and compromising acts, to stay at the top of your game, you will be compelled to develop even more sensational and different acts, so much so, until they are capable of killing you in the blink of an eye. It’s like a lie; you will be compelled to tell another to cover for the last. Daredevils are reckless, impetuous, irresponsible, people and it’s is very contagious or is that viral? You are playing a dangerous game and when your time is up, what next?

Why adventure into trouble? In a quest for extraordinary love, fame and fortune people do the dumbest things. It’s unreal! They become desensitized to the threat of danger and mesmerized by the thrill of stupidity. Audiences are entertained and promote extreme activities for profit and pleasure. There is no practical reason at all and everyone is off looking for the next. Safety and security for themselves and others go out the window. Fear, they are scared, but they do not show it.

How can such irresponsible acts work out for the good? How can they work out for the good of any party or purpose? We actually get some kind of joy out of seeing daredevils perform or is that suffer? Charismatic, they ignore their own mortality and their extreme behavior becomes “all about them”. Win, lose or draw, it’s all for “A memory you will never forget”. Now you forgot it and it’s on to the next.

Aren’t their many more practical and productive acts that need to be performed? Understand the difference between real heroes and daredevils.

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