Good Decisions

Bad decisions are easy to make, what exactly do they mean?

Out on a limb, with what kind of people are you dealing?

If it is meant for you.... God will provide!!! Done heard it all! When it comes to making good decision, I am the world's worse. But I have learned. What can one bad decision do? Life or death, how long do you have to live? Because "you thought you made a good decision" what does that mean? Is that just a way of life?

Does anyone else really care if you make the wrong decision? In life, we live and die by the decisions we make.

Why is it so difficult? Is it difficult? How do we recover? Nobody cares if you make the wrong decision. As a matter of fact, most are hoping you slip and fall. Then there are those who want to take the advantage. Is a man's word his bond?

So in life, are there more people encouraging the best decison for you or more people taking advantage of your situation? The thing here is, "very few people want you to get an upper hand" and people will say and do anything to get what they want. What about you?

Do you deserve "the upper hand"? If you settle for less, how can you get more? Will surrending help?

There are good and evil in everything, which part do you want? Be careful, don't make a mistake and look out for your own safety and security. There are some things you just cannot afford to lose. Futher, if you want to come out of a bad situation, you will have to make good, sound decisions with confidence.

How easy is that? Have you ever felt like you never make the best decision? No matter what you decide, it always come out just the opposite of what you wanted.

That tells me somewhere along the process I missed a move. Did I miss or skip a step? Am I tired of being patient? Can I afford to gamble? Decisions should be balanced all the way - checks and balances. No promises mean no unpleasant surprises?

How, why are we forced from our homes? Must I pay to occupy a space in this world? Am I having to pay in order to live on this earth? Can I ever pay for a home or a spot and it be mine, without any additional costs or taxes? Would you have ever imagined taxes to be the equilvalent of rent? We probably would not have voted for them?

Why are we cut off from life sustaining utilities? Who cuts us off? What message are they sending? Are not there any life sustaining resources for which I do not have to pay - safe drinking water? What about the unlimited and unpredictable costs of gasoline and everything that goes along with it? If we did not make such poor decisions, things would be different. They hold you accountable, but why do you never hold them accountable?

Don't make a decision you can not afford to lose. That is why we are paying absorbent prices for less. When it comes to decision making, the ball is in your court.

There are two types of decisions, good and bad. Be careful for what you ask. One bad decision leads to another, unless you change.

Good decisions require being on top of your game. They are never easy and you are constantly being tested. Where is your faith, your will power? You can make good decisions for everyone, but when it comes to you, are you crossing the (t's)and dotting the (i's)? Do you feel tired? Do you feel pressued? Are you selling yourself too short? Are your own selfish desires getting in your way? Is it too good to be true?

So how do you know when you are making the wrong decision? You don't. Making decisions are like eating an elephant, one bite at a time or marriage, giving and taking.

I know! When it comes to self, good decisions are even harder to make. Make them with someone who wants you to have the upper hand.

I encourage you to consider and maintain divine order when making any decision? Be strong, and let your heart take courage. Where is Art?

(((your inner

Balance in life?

Lower class people.


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