Are you a tease or what? What's wrong with your bra and panties? Why do you need all this special shit to perform better?

Bullshitting the Bullshitter? How often are the American people really bullshitted? Looking back on my life, I have encounted only a handful of people who were not bullshitting. They did not do it and would not tolerate it from you. But today, it all about Bullshitting the Bullshitter?

What is the best way to approach this subject? Where is the life-long life lesson? Where is the something I can use at any given time to help me through any circumstance? How do I make myself better, or learn faster, perform better?

Passion trumps truth every time? I have read about Passion trumps doubt every time, but never Passion.

What can I give my audience causing them to really appreciate, value their visit here every time, and every once in a while, they would come back for more? It gives me great pleasure to share something so profound, so passionate that it is forever burned into your mind, body and soul.

I mean it made a big light come on in your life. It really helped you accomplished something really great. So as we come up with all these educational programs, do they really address the passion of a people? Or is it what somebody, somewhere along the lines, decided this is what they need to know?

Now, the thought of that is very gratifying. I learned today that “passion trumps truth every time”? Try it in your home, office, on the job, prison, anywhere? If you did not know, that is a very helpful life lesson. While you were struggling with addressing your truths, it is better you spend that time addressing your passions.

Let me see if I understand that? That says, If I can address what is passionate to a person, that would be much more beneficial to both, than what I think is truth for that person. All these years, I have been working in just the opposite directions.

It is an honor to serve with someone who not only speaks the truth but lives in it. However, it is even a greater honor to serve with people who are passionate about whatever it is they do.

Now, that is gratification at the highest level. Creating a much more happy, healthy and productive people.

(((your inner

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