So why are we so cautious in family and relationships? Growing never stops.


How do OR did we out grow each other?

Why condemn what I say, when you have never listened to how I feel? Race card! Think about the deep feelings of a people from which you have never heard? All you have ever heard is how they respond to your demands?

Things are changing, they will change and for good reason so!

Their voices have been historically suppressed. As a Black man, I know how that can be and why some do not appreciate the way I say what I feel. If you do not express yourself in the same language or manner as they, they condemn you. A reminder of me being in Germany but a totally different positive experience! Why do not I get the same attention from the country which inflicts so much of the hardship I must endure? Did I ask for that? Am I supposed to have forgotten as forgiven? Is there no one responsible?

Really for a people who supported such atrocities all I can say is Have mercy on their souls, so do not think I am asking for what you have never given.

They call you ignorant, lazy, inferior to the good of anything.... Would you listen or would you go telling? Would you take the necessary time to see from where this person of interest is coming or would you excuse yourself based upon superiority? What would they say?

There are people who go through life very matter of fact. There are certain words you hear them say, that would cause them to be fired from any kind of job. I hear that and think of the exponential effect of all those close to them. I am not even close but look how it effects me?

So what exactly is a family for? As we meet rejection from family members, we find welcome in our Spiritual family. That is what happens to all that rejection.

Now, I hear about alot of families who work, eat and play together, but I know very few and in that few is where I would like to dwell.

Who embraces your work? Why do people hang around when they do not embrace what you do? They say, "Work as simply as you can, so you may play as complicated as you like".

Are you following your heart? What is your hearts desire? What is your purpose in life? What exactly do you want to do together? Are you wanting to do something big or little? How much time do you think you have? Do you have the power to make that happen?

You would like to think of yourself as BRILLIANT.

Further, I was talking with a very successful gentlemen from Holy Spirit Nursery and he says, "Do not listen to your mind as much as you do your heart"?

As much as you think you may know or think you can do, do not ever "sTop" going or growing and from where comes that, Sharing. Give rise to stimulating exchange of perceptions, ideas and visions.

(((your inner

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