Mothers are the highest

I love you too, but first: How easy or hard is it to find a good woman

Are you being true to yourself? Mothers are the most high.

What is a good Mother? What does that mean? What is a good woman?

Moms should be the highest priority. Where is your nation?Get a Job! But mom, I have to go to school to go to work. Mom, you are old fashion. How was this phrase created?

What’s up with your Mama? Why is she so protective? Why can’t you ever be right? Is that why we desire, but never really move far from our mothers?

Mom’s know best. Remember when you used to ask your mom everything? Why didn’t you ask your father? Are we building a nation? Where are the moms that know what’s going on and doing something about it?

Who listens to mom any more? Is it the manly thing to do? What does mom say about education, religion, sex…was she right? Is she right today? What good is it all when you provide none? Do you really know what good sex is? What happens if you get pregnant?Will the wicked overthrow the righteous?

Why are there so many broken relationships? Did your mother teach you respect? Respect for who, what, where…? What time are you suppose to eat, clean, who helps, cheat…? Ain’t no joke when you can’t pay them notes!

Birth, is that where moms start? Then why do we stop listening to our moms? Is there a such thing as “no good moms”? Do good moms marry no-good husbands? What about your baby’s mama? Where are all the no good moms? What happens when good moms marry no-good husbands? How do you know the difference? What is the difference between your ex-wife and wife? How many wives are you supposed to have? What does you mama say?

Is it a personal thing? Would a good mom enslave her people? Would a good mom put up with Savery? When we stop listening and obeying our mom’s what happened? Is that a good Christian or an Adult Idiot?

How will you celebrate this Mother’s Day? Will it be a card, flowers, a dinner…. Is that all you can do?

But what about those women who are not mothers? Some where it says, Whoso findeth a wife findeth a good [thing], and obtaineth favour... Men build Nations through Mothers! HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY 2012

(((your inner

Tough Love MOther's Day 2012

Both of you are wrong.

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