The Heart of the Matter!

Does the heart really matters?

Ever ask yourself why you do not understand the people in your life? Why you are getting nowhere quick? Why you always feel taken advantage of? Well that might be for one very good reason. What about your ability to commit?

Get to the heart of the matter, but does the heart of the matter really matter?

So why do not we listen and obey our hearts, which is the heart of the matter. Do we really want understanding? Do we really want truth?

How can you have good wholesome relationships without commitment? Without commitment you are running from pillow to post. Committed?

If you can only get to the heart of the matter, you can solve, resolve and dissolve the matter. So the heart of the matter is really what matters and that is our commitment to each other and through our commitments, we get understanding. No commitment, no understanding?

(((your inner voice)))

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