Help I need Help

Do you feel like you need help?

I am 53 years young and if you had asked me a few years back, if I would ever be begging for...well, you probably wouldn't have thought to ask.

I do not think there was any time in my life, where I felt so strongly that I could not go on alone. You feel like you have exhausted every possibility and instead of breaking even, you are going even further backwards. The lady that the killer whale drowned comes to mind. You've done it a thousand times, but 1001 is just going to take all you have got left and then what? Do you know what she was thinking as she was going down?

People can frown on you if you are always asking for help. They might start to refer to you as needy. There ain't nothing worse than a needy person? But we All "always" stand in need of help.

There is a difference between asking for help and asking for a "hand out". A hand-out hurts more than it helps. Teach a man how to fish or...

I don't read that much, but everywhere I read, there are people advertising that they need help. I am not sure how many people get help in time and how many perish standing in need? We all stand in the need of prayer. For what are you praying?

One lady said, "be more assertive". Wonder if that lady who drowned could have been more assertive? People often seem not to understand. They try to identify or just ignore the situation.

One more, I got a friend who is sick, but she has a slight tendancy to look down on me because I have no money. Think about that for just a moment? People measure health and well-being in terms of dollars and cents!!! If you look like you are wealthy, they equate that to being healthy and wise,,,no matter how much debt they are in.

Yes, I need help, but I also know,,,ONLY GOD CAN HELP ME. So if you feel the same, I invite you to join me. We can inspire each other.

Go here and drop a line...Real Discussion, Real People Healthy, Wise and....

Share your story, help inspire somebody else.

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So that says to me, Brothers, we do not want you to be ignorant about those who fall asleep, or to grieve like the rest of men, who have no hope. Therefore encourage each other with these words.

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