Honoring your wishes

My work is a blessing to me and it cannot be ignored..

How do things get off track? How do you get somewhere? Think deeply about what you really want, especially, where it involves women. Who wants to be let down? The same old mistake over and over again. When you win the world wins.

One way is when someone asks you to do something and the other is when you ask? What happens when common sense does not prevail? Are you afraid of bugs? Why wish? What are the rules?

What will you tell the next nigger? You want it, but cannot you give it? On one hand you are losing but on the other??? How do you support the winning hand? If you weren't losing why would you change?

Is it worth it? Can a younger man really have a healthy relationship with an older woman? Would it be worth it? How do you learn to love? How do you get a sex life? Does age make maturity?

Do you want me to take you home? Get your ass out would be better. Does it mean you can’t drive her car to the Basketball game? I see a lot of stupid shit happening, but I question is it because of me? I almost let myself do something real stupid today. I hear people talk about people all the time and how they were mistreated… Everybody has one of them stories, but what about mistreating yourself. May God help.

Does naughty or nice make any difference? Is your success contingent upon someone else? What about your boss? Does he let you go because you said something he didn’t like? Would you leave because he said something you didn’t like? What about distance? Why the hell even try if it doesn’t make sense?

People play games but they do not want games played on them. They think they have the advantage, when everything is falling down around them. Not in a material way, but in a Spiritual way. Do they take credit for screwing up this country, Native Americans, Black Folk, Women???

So, what do you want? What do you get when you ask an old lady that? In what kind of an environment do german roaches live? What do you teach your children? Severity of infestation is determined by resources available. Is it the money or the work you put in?

I want a spouse. Why? How would you go about selecting the person for you? Hardworking? Would it be someone who let’s the air out of your tires? Would it be someone with whom you are sexually attracted? What do you do with intellect?

And for saying I was going to Atlanta you blocked that and by doing so you created a reason to break the contract.

Are you saying: I can't go nowhere else or is it who you are going to see? What are you going to do? Is it the fact that it is their ball? Building relationships, those are some very interesting questions, especially when you're using the car of a friend. How do you build relationships? In where is the exchange?

If a friend allows you to utilize their car to help you and you told them you were going to Atlanta why would that cause them to renege? National and global scale, we trust politicians every day, but this is your car and your friend.

You weren’t sincere from the word go. Focus on the love, so when did it leave, trust, betrayal, what do we want and where do we want to go. The answers has to be more than nothing, in the moment.

Ethics, morals come to mind and I only see one violation, because I really wasn't going and if I were, I would not take your truck. Why not have Atlanta come to me?

Talking losing and gaining, where is the alleged violation, what? Why would your friend or anybody allow that to be the straw?

I've been part of plenty of relationships and many of them didn't work for the same reasons. No matter how hard I worked it was always some bullshit like that to end it.

Winning Losing, can you separate work from yourself or relationship. Would you rather have a hard working man or hardly working on a chain?

Now, exactly what would that chain be, truth or fiction? Just take it for what it is worth.

Lose or gain, is it a gender thing? Is it about having no head to use? What is your point? What good does it do to have a head and not use it? A brain and can't think...

There are consequences for running your mouth and there are even greater consequences when common sense does not prevail. Do you accept or reject love? The male, female attraction or are you afraid of... What is your perception of your own attention?

The truth people don’t like to hear. Sharecropping, Addressing hidden agendas… How you gon go to the grave? Keep that in mind, because you must think about something other than your own ass.

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Iron sharpens iron, what about dumd asses">

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