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What good am I to myself and to the grander scheme of things?

When I think about who I am, I discover a huge void.

I look at what am I doing, what can I do to make it better then I am surrounded by four walls. What good am I to myself?

New Ideas! Can I even encourage 5,000 people to sign my land grant petition?

I meet many people who seem to have it going on. They want learn more about careers, but when it gets right down to it, do they even have the confidence to face their Present?

Millions of people and millions of dollars but does any care so much as to lend a signature?

So the next time somebody tells me about being something that has nothing to but what they think is important, I will know too, they can't even get a signature, lol.

Think about shit and challenge yourself, for the first time ever? You are bigger and grander than they ever told you. And everything we do as individuals affects the global scheme of things.

Go here and sign my petition: HFR Petition

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