Do you owe me(YOM)?

Do not let nobody use you Son! Is what my daddy always said. If you gon box, then box! If you gon play football, go to school,,,why waste your time? My father had a very loving way of keeping me focused. I remember getting a whipping from him only one time and that was when I did not think he was going to whip me. Hello!

What do I owe my father?

IOU, but do you owe me? Even after death, I owe you? Together, we planted this seed, but now we do not trust each other? Why? Were your ever trustworthy? Are we on the road to self-destruction? This is a battle you cannot win. How can you? How did I get to owe you?

So when we planted this seed were we even? I am hungry but have nothing to eat, herein is the problem? Should I result to the strategies of a savage? Would that make me any better than you? If put one hand behind me back would you run home and get your gun? Would you call for backup? Why? Then how do I owe you? You want your own country and Africa too. So why do I owe you?

You hear people say, life owes you nothing and people owe you nothing. I think that could not be further from the truth and here is why. I owe you truths but you give me lies.

I was born into a world without a damn thing and all I ever wanted to be was good, now all of a sudden I owe everybody, but they don’t owe me shit? I owe my wife but does she owe me? I owe my family but does my family owe me?

I owe you not to use this type of language, but you don’t owe me a damn thing? I OWE you an education, but do you owe me a job? I owe you love and respect but do you owe me results?

You tell me about all your fine products and services, for which IOU, but mine are subject to the economy? When you cannot pay your bills, I owe you, when I cannot pay my bills, I still owe you?

I owe you taxes, but you do not owe me shelter? When you owe me there is always chance that you will turn that around. Is that what happens when you are born into debt? Is that what happens when you are oppressed?

When do you get out of debt? When do you ever owe me, then why do I owe you? Debt and credit, am I supposed to feel guilty for being born? Are they my reasons for being? Am I your reason for being, then why do I owe you? When do we break even? YOM!

Was the seed you planted a result of your harvest or the harvest you are expecting to consume? What about your future? You planted this human seed, but where is your sense of responsibility and faith? Trusting, it is your responsibility to help this human seed become all it can be and that trust comes back to you. Thus is the human cycle, no more and no less.

Here is my sense of responsibility, where, what and to whom is yours? Am I my brother's keeper? Do my children owe me or do I owe them? Do you owe me lies, when I give you truths?

When you put in all in perspective who owes who?

Why people don't talk slavery?

(((your inner

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