Do you want someone else to do for you, what you are not willing to do for yourself?

What is the mission here? You want you "fair share" and I mine? How do we get the best results?

Are you really responsible, in part or whole? In your home, are you really responsible? Where did all our productive citizens go?

Does responsibility begin with spending restraint and an end to deficit spending? Does ownership make you a big dog? Does being being a big dog make you any more or less responsible? You can delegate your authority, but you cannot delegate your resposibility. Checks and balances, there are no excuses for your job not getting done.

Why are some willing to fight and die for their country and others are not? Is it their country or their culture? Did you say, both? Now, what am I willing to do for mine? What is my culture? Do I need to claim some nationality? What about the human race, am I or am I not? Isn't that my first responsibility?

Responsibility is measured in accordance with our levels of maturity, which is a constant moving cycle. Growing pains?

Being responsible citizens and parents is a sense and requires discipline. Do you have the discipline it takes? We know it, but we make living so difficult to do. Good and/or evil, I am responsible for my life. We have people all up in air about their land, when they do not know nor respect human rights. Is that what ownership does? Do you have the right to force people to go around your land? is a two-way street.

Not only am I responsible for my life, but for the lives of those around me, for they are responsible for mine. That's why we live in communities and professionals to further enhance the responsiblity for the safety and security of our lives.

As a human being with all my gifts and talents, I have been appointed Care Taker. IOU? I am responsible and together, we are responsibility for what does or does not happen on this earth. It is our charge to make it better for future generations, just as our ancestors have done for us. To pass it on.

There is nothing permanent in life, I own nothing and what I think I own is only a figment of my imagination. As 'visitors' to this planet we must share, inspire, and motivate through example, practice, thought, deed, spirit, whatever the medium. That's our purpose and no man is excused and no man is an island.

How easier can it be? How more complicated can it be? It says, nothing about all this other garbage we have come up with to make an impact upon the earth. Buying and selling lands we can never own? What has happened to the sharing principle? Though we own nothing does not relinquish our responsibilities. Life is all about living, not ownership.

My responsibility is to be fruitful and multiply. With this Responsibility, it is my duty to carry it out. With this duty and responsibility, I will leave this earth a better place than it was when I came in.

How much more can we restrain ourselves?

How do your define results?

(((your inner voice)))

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