Why White People Do NOT want to talk Slavery?

What does our Government think?

Why would any people want to talk about slavery? While we are talking we could be working.

No, white people do not enjoy discussing slavery, not in front of Black people any way and for good reason.

Really, it is not white people who do not what to talk about slavery, it is our government. Our government is A wolf dressed in sheep’s clothing! They do NOT want it known that they are the greatest OPPRESSOR. Slavery is A wrong our Government does NOT intend to correct. Our Government is not willing to share power with a powerless people, therefore desire to sweep slavery and all it had to do with it under the rug.

Listen, I am no more racist than the least racist man, but where are the confessions of our Government? Then where is the healing? Insanity, why do we keep doing the same old thing and expecting a different result?

In peace and harmony, I can discuss slavery with my white neighbors, but with my Government? The American Government refuses to acknowledge it is directly responsible for slavery and directly responsibly to take the steps needed to give-up that responsibility. Why? People

Do you think I enjoy writing about Slavery, but I know it needs to be done, TODAY. Together, We can discuss Iraq, political parties, any other questionable practices… but we cannot discuss slavery?

Sometimes I think about our system of justice, our interrogation techniques? How we go about getting a person to confess? A change is underway, what will the change be, change from and change too?

And it is obvious why not, Because they did not go through it like we went through it. If you were the perpetrator of something bad, why would you want to keep talking about it?

Why Black People Do NOT want to talk about Slavery?

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