Idlers, Slackers who are you?

Who are and what will happen to me?

Idlers??? Slackers??? Are they the part of the economy who has been laid-off? Are they the reason our economy came crashing down? Why?

I know you don't know anyone capable of doing anything like that, now would you tolerate such behavior, but if you ever ask the questions to yourself, why is life so hard, just may be this will give you some insight.

Iders and slackers are people who stop work because they think they can not find a job or they do not have a job. There are many reasons for this. Some think labor is beneath them? They think nobody will ever know the difference nor will it ever catch-up to them?

If you do not work, you do not eat? How is your life - food, clothing, shelter, yourself and family? Now, we all are in a big mess. Our economy, our job and housing market, our food, relationships and homes...?

Idlers and slackers, why do you waste so much time looking, when you can be doing, waiting; when you can be working? You may not have a job, but that has nothing to do with your labor. It does have a lot to do with our society and how we grow together. Just think, every time someone ask you what do you do, there is another drop in the bucket of "nothingness". What are you doing, "Nothing".

Today, you see so many families going through financial hardship because they took this one little clause for granted. Yesterday, they failed to prepare themselves and their families for hard times today. Now look, back at the bottom again? How do we get back on track?

Being you are the boss does not excuse you from LABOR? If you delegate your authority, what will the next guy do with his? You can be hired today and fired tomorrow, even the job market could crash?

Being you are not working and cannot find a job, what’s going to happen to you? What do you do? You may not have a job, but you can do things for yourself and those around you? Everybody can make a contribution. "Not having a job" can not be your excuse for "not laboring". Ideas?

Back to the basics. If you are able to labor, you must earn your own food. You must do so and not depend upon other members to feed you? You cannot and will not prosper from the work of somebody else or you will be an idler.

You can join together and create a labor force and if any should not work, neither should he eat. If you do not help prepare a meal, how can you eat it? Labor is a part of human life from the beginning.

An idler's hand, even one hand, is a Devil's workshop! They get into all kinds of trouble because they don't labor.

I, who know nothing?

(((your inner

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