Keeping A Good Man Down

Busting windows/windshields, Keying your car, Verbal/Physical altercations, Sugar in your tank, threatening phone calls, Slashing tires, Stalking, Using the kids are good ways to… Are we being reasonable in our demands?

How does Art know?

Busting windows/windshields, Keying your car, Verbal/Physical Altercations, Sugar in your tank, threatening phone calls, Slashing tires, Stalking, Using the kids, Tose are all good ways to keep a good man down, but at the same time, they are also good ways to get your ass beat or killed. These are some well known little under handed tactics embraced by men and women, both personally and professionally to get back at each other.

I will come after you and you will regret it. If I can’t have you then no one else can? We do not talk about them and you never know who or where, but they just happen and far too often. Are these acts taking a stand for what is just? If they happen to someone else, we call them criminal activities, but when we commit it, we call it justice.

Domestic violence and Abuse, when it comes to a man, many women do not care whether they live or die. You build him up to tear him down. In many relationships, they don’t even have enough time invested to lay claim on each other, before they engage in domestic violence and abuse. And the Lord only knows, after you get married!

We talk about our Government and Corporate greed, neglect, Racial Discrimination and Abuse, but none of those are as important to women, as the man they met last night. What is the difference between standing for justice and expecting others to stand for justice?

Acts of Betrayal, what constitutes them? Power struggles and laying claim on each other? We know dating is a natural process lasting until one finds that partner with whom they want to settle down. But are we ever satisfied, then are we ever satisfied with one or one sexual partner?

What’s wrong with telling your partner you are not satisfied with one sexual partner? Social pressure, does that make it okay to keep lying? Is this something too great for us to give in to, to save more relationships, lives and making you happy? That or keep playing stupid, phony games?

What about family values? Together we stand, divided we fall, cooperation is the best of all. There are just some things “we all” must agree upon or divided “we all” fall. Somehow we just can not seem to get past rehashing the constitution.

Are we being reasonable in our demands? Are your priorities in order? Do you make them known before you engage into relationships? What would be the best way to resolve differences?

How did we move from Master/Slave to more domestic violence and abuse? From having total control, hatred and disrespect? Does that mean today nothing has changed and in fact, things have only gotten worse?

How do you solve, dissolve and resolve destructive behaviors and ways? The break away formula? So what happens to taking a stand for what is just? To keep anyone down you must also keep yourself down, so this thing really does not have as much to do with gender as it does people? Recognize, Admit and take Corrective Action together. Violence and abuse only begets more violence and abuse. We talk about church, confessing and forgiving, but when it comes to our personal lives, we do just the opposite. It has to change and we have to talk about new levels of acceptance. Then, we just have to execute them, all else is self-defeating.

So this has reversed to how to build better relationships, communities and societies?

People are always telling me about my opinion, but what do they say about facts and laws?

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