Killings In America


While you go about your daily business, think about what's really going on?

I know you are much like me, if it's not happening in your house, to hell with it.

But now, there is something I can do about it and I invite you to join me.

Our youth and adults are literally slaughtering themselves for help. If you can't help, then help someone who is willing: Sign my Land Grant HFR Petition

Admit there are too many unnecessary killings, per day, in America. Too much unnecessary killing is going on in American steets and communities, especially involving Teenagers and Minorities. Do you agree with that?

So, why don't minorities, at least, feel some sense of responsibility to address this issue?

It’s not only teens, it is also adults. A bullet has no name on it. It does not care who is in front of it.

It's dangerous to even stand at bus stops or street corners – Drive By Shootings in America are more plentiful than Curb-Side-Bombings in Iraq.

We need the land and space to give our people another choice. Call it a second chance.

Here’s my suggestion: Sign our HFR Petition before it is too late.

(((your inner

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