Killing Someone Who Has No Fear

Peacekeepers, “How do you kill someone who has no fear?”

Can you imagine the number of people who are killed each day at the hands of angry others? Why is the world of human beings so angry and hostile? We get more and more peacekeepers, but the situations are getting worse.

Are there no peaceful solutions? Many of the Peacekeepers today are lacking new blood. They've already compromised their efforts and have been deemed "traitors".

The killings, Why and how do "we" stop them? Do you promise them revenge and go hunting them down? No revenge is already promised, you just have to get them to see it. Do we build great fortifications barricading ourselves? Where are the examples to show them?

You hear about people climbing Mt. Everest and stuff like that, but how often do you hear about people bringing about peace and harmony? Now, you know why fear and corruption runs so rampart.

First prepare yourself, show respect, common sense and logic. Lines of communication must be reestablished and remain open. Meaningful services and opportunities must be established. You feel for them and show them Kindness!, That's how you kill someone who has no fear!

What is so complicated about matters? Who so ever deems themselves worthy, I am with you.

Om Mani Padme Hum,

(((your inner

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