The Spoken Word

A friendly voice and kindness. Get yourself under control

Raw emotions running wild? You know how you get into a conversation one party is giving advice and you're saying, I'm going to do that next week, well who promised you next week?

Are you working with a purpose or do circumstances dictate? Do you know that it is all about you, but timing is everything?

Stress, do you know how many of us are stressing like hell? Our stress level are so high and for so long we have conditioned ourselves to thinking that’s how it is supposed to be, especially when it comes to self. Is waiting going to help, are you in control? Are you monitoring, well how did the situation come so stressful? Trapped

I’m here to tell you my friend, no it’s not. No, I can’t tell you all the answers, but if we worked together the world in which we live would be a helluva lot LESS stressful. Stressed out what can you do, besides get sick? How can you make wise decisions under so much stress?

Stress and drama, are not they one in the same? Now, you say, how can this angry man tell you anything, but remember that is your description of me and it has nothing to do with the stress and drama plaguing your life. Two wrongs don’t make a right. Because I may not have it, does not mean you don’t. Mixed emotions. I don't mean to get off subject but listen to yourself and learn.

Stress and drama are like building blocks, the more you add the heavier it gets and every second counts. Stress accumulates, when will you dump? Do you know how quickly moods change? Today, they're taking customers, tomorrow they're full. You have to move with a purpose showing enthusiasm. Stress should flow in and out just as fast as you can get it out.

Stress-o-meter! For starters, a friendly voice and kindness. Whatever you can do today, do today, why wait? Didn’t your teacher ever tell you wait broke the wagon? God gave you some things with which to work, work with as issues reveal themselves. The spoken word, a friendly voice and kindness works 24/7.

Thanks for the compliment. Nothing wrong with a man having a conversation with himself, though I would imagine that you enjoy a lively banter or quiet, simple sharing of the spoken word. I like your smile. Thanks for sharing some conversation with me. There are times when a friendly voice and kindness is deeply needed.

A friendly voice and kindness and moving with a sense of purpose relieves stress.

(((your inner

Stress kills


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