Knowing so much

Knowing so much

How do you know? Did you mean to know that?

You can know too much.

Remember a few years back when what used to be considered pornography, is laughed at today? Do you know how many people were hurt, maimed, fired, killed, due our strong beliefs against pornography?

I can remember the incident with Larry Flynt, Hustler Magazine, shot on the court house steps in Lawrenceville, Georgia, over a pornography dispute, that couldn't hold a candle to pronography of today? A man being shot over pornography by a man thinking he knew? Years later, who really knew? Wonder if that shooter ever had a chance to apologize for his ignorance and stupidity?

Not too sure if the shooter was from Georgia, but if there was one person worth hangin? The devil goes to Georgia.

We think we know so much, give it a few years and you realize, you do not know shit. Look at all the positive shit we think we are doing, though headed into economic crisis. That is like running away from the enemy by running to the enemy?

How do I know? I don't know anything, but I can see, hear, feel, I do have some other senses on which I can rely. What do I need someone else to explain about them?

Senses, what do they mean? Do they tell you anything about what's really going on in the world today?

The thinking of normal abnormal people is pretty hard, so be on guard? A poor dirt farmer once said, "IF you keep doing the same old shit, why would you expect a different result? How?

Now, you know we are headed in the wrong direction? What's the wrong direction, all the stuff that leads to economic disaster.

What to do to turn our economy around, turn around and go the other way? Do you want to know how to do that? Do you really need to do that? Is it a must if you want to survive? Now, you know.

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Know yourself

Know truth

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