Know Yourself, Know Me

Who am I? What am I about? Know me or be forever lost!

Quick! Finish this sentence: "I am a __________."

What popped into your mind?

Did you immediately think of your job title? Did you identify yourself with a relationship term, like wife, daughter or Elvis fan?

In the midst of deceit, corruption and chaos. The cause of the poor and needy is the best way to know yourself.

Boy, the system we have created for ourselves makes knowing yourself harder than ever. Shedding an identity can also be a disaster or an adventure— The change.

Identity labels are useful and even necessary. They shape the way we act and feel and the way people act and feel toward us, in every situation, from taking the bus to taking a lover. Many labels are misleading, and none can fully describe the multifaceted reality that is a human being. The only way to avoid a lot of insecurity, fear and suffering is to learn how to wear our identities lightly and let go of them easily.

And I will give them an heart to know me. Get to really know yourself by finding answers to these questions: Who what am I suppose to be? What is holding me back from being what I am suppose to be? What is letting me down? What mistakes am I repeating? What major opportunity is staring me in the face?

My self-esteem and my home are my best opportunities!

Steps to help you let go of labels and live your life! Step 1

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