Learn how to get here!

And here is a helping hand

The only reason I write this is because I was really feeling down about myself and everywhere I went I heard or would over hear people saying the same. By hearing their stories made a difference in the way I saw myself. Hell, what I was complaining about was nothing in comparison to what I was going through. Once I was at the courthouse researching organizations and people who had a lien against them, can you imagine how many thick books there were and how many years they went back and that was just for my small town. At least 10 books, each containing hundreds of names and organizations, now multiply that for 159 counties in Georgia. There were losing everything and did not have a helping hand. So with all those experiences rolled into a big ball, by comparison, I had no reason to complain. By comparison I had a reason to offer them a helping hand.

I can honestly tell you, you are not here by accident. You may not be able to explain nor understand it, but you are here for a reason and a very good reason. Just think of how many other places you could have landed? Somebody has a plan and purpose for you and you fit perfectly in theirs. You will get there as long as you stay the course.

When I started here I had no earthly idea. I scared, but I knew exactly where I needed to go and what I needed to do in order to get here, but I am still not there yet. Just look back at some of my earlier writings but I managed to get them out in black and white. I thank God all went well without a shot being fired.

Now, that most of the anger is out, I am doing much better in my work, but it has been a long learning experience. It takes a while to connect and resonate with others. It takes a while till you find your own niche. But I can honestly tell you, I am not the only one and you are not the only one.

At times I have felt like I was being attacked from all sides. I thought there would be no way I would survive this. It it too late, but I am not going to give up. I almost did but I kept fighting. You have to learn how to get here.

Openly and honestly expressing yourself is one of the most difficult task I have ever faced, other than working to be paid for it.

So how do I know they were not here yet, because they did not have a helping hand.

So, what is the most important aspect about getting here? Here is a helping hand!

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