Life insurance, where is the real life insurance?

???Save Money, Live Better???

Dealing with the pressures and juggling time commitments, is life just that simple? Be a part of a community that is successful, growing, and achieving new things. Smart living and getting the most of life is a constant chanllenge.

It's the little things that count most. At one time, we had no paid life insurance, but today we depend more on term and whole life insurance than we do "insurance to live a better life" and it shows. Why? Profits over Prosperity? Save money, Live Better!

Life is a constant challenge, seeking direction, understanding and purpose. As I have aged, I've learned my inner-voice is one of the most important factors especially during my most challenging times. I make many mistakes and every time, I am not sure how to fully recover.

When you don't know the answer, life can be frustrating, valuable resources are lost and wasted. Some live their whole lives being misguided, because they don't think for themselves. Then if they do, they are afraid to share. The problem is, Why do we fail to live life more abundantly. No matter how much we get, there is always somebody left short?

I am suggesting that is because we really do not understand what is life is all about and we're getting further and further away from the truth? There are people looking in books, studying, looking in the wind, the stars and most of which, that between being born and dying; and last but not least, are those who only care about themselves. How do you live life more abundantly? How can "we all" live life more abundantly?

Life is all about management and management is all about thinking. Is it the more we spend the better we are, the more we save? Yes, that is the case, the more effort we put into living good healthy lives, the more we get out of life. What about the more “money” we spend the better we are the more we save? No, that is not the case, as a matter of fact that works just in the reverse. Ever noticed how our life-giving resources are quickly shrinking, they are in critical short supply? We are about to use them up doing things we shouldn’t be doing

Who decides what we should be doing and how? We think we do, but it is just not so. That’s why we are so confused. Confused, we further complicate matters. Most of us don’t even know which season we are in, yet we think we can tell time. Life dictates what we can and cannot do. Well, that is how life goes and without those life-giving resources, we cannot live. So any time you want to take a look at how we are living, just look at the management of land and resources ?

Here’s one short example, We have all these great ideas, (a better product and service, creating jobs), but we are doing nothing but further complicating matters. Pick anything, I choose toilet paper, such a simple yet very important task. Today, most folk think they cannot live without toilet paper. But do you know how close you are to doing without? It is a disgrace not to have toilet paper available for your guests. They may use it like we have an unlimited supply of toilet paper, like toilet paper manufactures itself in great abundance. Why do we spend so much time and effort making and using toilet paper? Why don’t we have more viable alternatives? Is there only one way to wipe your ass? Literally, we do not want to think. Water is the best cleaning agent, but we only use “dry toilet paper”. We make nice moist handy wipes for our hands, but not for your ass? Go figure! Which wipe would do the best job? Now, we do not know how to live without toilet paper, we are hooked.

It’s the same in life. In most cases, we are just blindly following along and that is what’s getting us into trouble, not thinking? Living requires thinking and thinking is a very important part of life. Save Money, Live Better!

The tragedy of life

your inner

What do you think and know about My teachings, My way of life? Peace, happiness and prosperity, where has it gone, where does it start? What does money have to do with it?

Sometimes we would rather beat you than help, scold you than love you? Most animals lick their off-spring to life, we beat ours? What's so repulsive about that?

I guess you might say, I am one of those people with too much time on their hands, but I certain enjoy smelling the roses (smile).

Life sure can be confusing! We search for answers, but often end up with more questions. What are we here for? Why is there so much pain and heartache in the world? Where can we find hope, even when things seem to be going all wrong? Where can we find the strength to face life’s challenges? Where can we find happiness that lasts? We are quick to tell you that life is "a very personal and close relationship with Jesus, who promises us not only eternal life in Heaven, but that He will stick by our side until we get there. Receive Jesus into your heart, and He will fill your life with the love and understanding you have always longed for....." But today, we are even more confused than yesterday.

Short lived, LIFE is the most valued resource or asset we have. Life is a world of happiness, peace, freedom, contentment, and everlasting love waiting for you.

Life, as we usually refer to it, is that between the Beginning and End, birth and death? The sum of information received, processed and applied. Some suggest the meaning of Life is one of the most important questions and has no single answer, because we are all different. That definition suggest life is all of that which we have proven we have very little respect and all those things that make us different? It suggests life is short.

I beg to differ, that definition expresses the difference in us, rather that focus on the likeness in us. That life is short lived so you had better hurry. It keeps us thinking one is different from the other in some kind of way? I don't care from where you come or how much you've learned, we are all the same. If you are not using what you have learn to help others, then what good are you? Why are you not trying to discover the likeness in us all?

your inner

The meaning of Life has to be learned, implemented and passed on to live life more abundantly. Though, we have different functions,we are all the same, not one better nor less than the other.

Let me see, get my priorities in order...I am going to say, "Life is the earth", because everything comes from and returns to the earth. So to live our best lives, we must show reverence for the earth (Mother Earth), everything in and upon the earth; to help preserve our future and learn from our past.

The spirit needed to achieve this can be created only by reverence for life. If we could discover that commonality between us all, who could dispute it? Who could dispute your knowledge of how to get more from the earth, without so much labor and destruction? We could better express our love for the earth, which walk and build upon? The earth is our global responsibility, our goals, our dreams.

Life is not meant to be hard nor stressful, not more than necessary, but in our efforts to profit, we've made life and living harder than ever and getting worse. A life of danger and deceit.

We've all but cancelled all the things that make us superior beings and sub come to being greedy beings. All the stuff given to live life more abundantly, we've complicated for our own selfish reasons. Water, free water and water more abundantly, you can't get a clean drink of water unless you are willing to pay some man.

What are you doing about it? How long can we last? Will we just keep living the way we live until we consume each other? Where are your good works? Where is our help? Is it to help you or help us? Without help we can do nothing but with help we can do everything.

Life, the way we are living, think about it and it cannot last much longer. Time, nobody has it and time is getting less and less.

What happens if we fail to take action? There is a plan, either you are working with it or against it. Working against is working in vain.

Life is lived so much easier when we are helping each other. Prepare yourself, you never know for what, but there are always thoughts in the back of your head. Hello, you are next! That's life!


(((your inner voice)))

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