Legalizing Marijuana


The line of bull shit is so long, it will make you start smoking if you don't.

Our economic system has ceased to serve the people, now, the people are serving it. Sure smells like Bull shit to cover communism and slavery to me!

So why not go out and do something new?

At the risk of offending the ancestors of immigrants brought to The New World against their will, genocide committed against Native Americans, animal and planet abuse, I want to talk briefly about shackles. Not the iron kind that hang heavily around the wrist and cut the skin at the ankles. I'm referring to the new-fangled kind, the invisible ones that slowly wind around your throat making it difficult to speak and breathe. The people ask the government, then the government goes and ask some stupid official in the government?

You can do all this stupid shit, but you cannot smoke a joint. Would it be better to smoke a joint or hunt down terrorists, be a deceiving as politician, corrupt justice department, pain killing medical industry, oil, autos, class warfare...? You'll have to be on some kind of drugs in order to deal with all the stupid bullshit by which we are confronted today. Read this article to see more of what they are And you'll have to be on some of the most potent illegal drugs in the world not to see them.

What We Have to Say About Legalizing Marijuana

By Director of the Office of National Drug Control Policy

When the President took office, he directed all of his policymakers to develop policies based on science and research, not ideology or politics. So our concern about marijuana is based on what the science tells us about the drug's effects.

According to scientists at the National Institutes of Health- the world's largest source of drug abuse research - marijuana use is associated with addiction, respiratory disease, and cognitive impairment. We know from an array of treatment admission information and Federal data that marijuana use is a significant source for voluntary drug treatment admissions and visits to emergency rooms. Studies also reveal that marijuana potency has almost tripled over the past 20 years, raising serious concerns about what this means for public health – especially among young people who use the drug because research shows their brains continue to develop well into their 20's. Simply put, it is not a benign drug.

Like many, we are interested in the potential marijuana may have in providing relief to individuals diagnosed with certain serious illnesses. That is why we ardently support ongoing research into determining what components of the marijuana plant can be used as medicine. To date, however, neither the FDA nor the Institute of Medicine have found smoked marijuana to meet the modern standard for safe or effective medicine for any condition.

As a former police chief, I recognize we are not going to arrest our way out of the problem. We also recognize that legalizing marijuana would not provide the answer to any of the health, social, youth education, criminal justice, and community quality of life challenges associated with drug use.

That is why the President's National Drug Control Strategy is balanced and comprehensive, emphasizing prevention and treatment while at the same time supporting innovative law enforcement efforts that protect public safety and disrupt the supply of drugs entering our communities. Preventing drug use is the most cost-effective way to reduce drug use and its consequences in America. And, as we've seen in our work through community coalitions across the country, this approach works in making communities healthier and safer. We're also focused on expanding access to drug treatment for addicts. Treatment works. In fact, millions of Americans are in successful recovery for drug and alcoholism today. And through our work with innovative drug courts across the Nation, we are improving our criminal justice system to divert non-violent offenders into treatment.Our commitment to a balanced approach to drug control is real. This last fiscal year alone, the Federal Government spent over $10 billion on drug education and treatment programs compared to just over $9 billion on drug related law enforcement in the U.S.

Thank you for making your voice heard. I encourage you to take a moment to read about the President's approach to drug control to learn more.

Are they on drugs or what? After reading all that bullshit and people say they do not understand what I write? You believe them, but you don't me? Rag mags...Those who enslave us like to remind us how damned lucky we are to have a job at all these days, so take what you get and shut up. Don't forget, you might fall sick one day.

As youths we're thrown bones and education is one of them. A student loan and student loan debt forgiveness after twenty years instead of twenty-five. TWENTY YEARS!! Am I the only one who thinks this is something akin to indentured servitude? Why would you create an educational system that does such a thing to any human being?

We're actually gambling on our lives and the lives of our children because of what we "think", all the time knowing, we do not have a better mousetrap. Think about that shit and where it's leading us? The more shit we create to better our lives, the worse shit gets. That's the fact, we refuse to face.

What is happening to all your Natural and "so called" inalienable rights? We've sold our collective selves for the security of insecure jobs and we just refuse to admit, confess, change. Then, we keep promoting this bullshit in such a fashion poor people and people on the other side of the world are really envious of us and want to take it all away. Now, that we've created all this shit, it will be on the blood of our children whether that happens or not. The question is: Will we learn it is not worth defending first?

So why not go out and do something new? The system does not allow. Look how much hell our President is catching.

(((your inner

Animal pet killers and Abusers

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