Animal and Pet


Killers, Users and Abusers

Who are the biggest adversaries to Animals and Pets – population explosion, euthanize, spade, neuter and abuse? Are we maintaining “peace and harmony” in nature?

In order for Americans to have a pet, it has to be Killed and abused. How many animals do we euthanize, spade, neuter and abuse Annually? Then, we feel a great sense of accomplishment and justified in doing so! As a matter of fact, we marvel in our abilities to control what we caused to get out of control. Cruelty, to animals and plants, has come to be accepted as a humane society?

In the beginning of America, all plants and animals existed in “peace and harmony” with nature. Today, they exist in peace and harmony with humans. The down side to that is we kill and abuse our companion animals in order to love them. In order to be our friend and companion, we cause our animals to suffer. Is that kind of love and affection you would like to have? How can suffering be viewed as love and affection? Is it because you love it, you think it loves you in return? Do you really know what love is?

Where “the Fuck” are we, what “the fuck” are we thinking and where are we headed? Dogs, man’s best friend, as a result, suffers a population explosion, euthanize, spade, neuter and abuse. And it’s the same with every other animal. What we’re doing to our pets and animals is unethical and immoral.

Is that any indication of what we do to plants and t he rest of our planet? Yes, it is. Our land and resource management and our planet are all abused like hell. Is that any indication of how we treat ourselves? Yes, it is. Our people are abused and killed like hell.

And the results of all this? Cruelty to animals, we feel justified and are in a serious state of denial. We portray going in one direction, when we’re actually going in another and we fail to heed all the warning signs – even to extinction. What’s the difference in that and a lie and a liar? We think we’re embracing life, when we’re really destroying life. We think we’re loving, when in actuality we’re destroying life. Even with animal preserves becoming more popular, the more we get, the more abuse, spade, neuter and euthanization, population explosion. When is enough enough? We think we know when we know we have not a clue. To make room for our progress animals and plants suffer and it “no big deal”. As we destroy plant and animal life, we’re also destroying ourselves.

Animal abuse? illegal immigrants? Unaffordable Health care? High food prices? Predatory lending? Foreclosed mortgages? Water and air pollution? Poor education? High utility bills? High Fuel prices? Energy shortages? Oil Hoax? Racism? Slavery? Reservations - Native Americans? High taxes? Drugs and alcohol, zero tolerance? Guns? Gangs? Police abuse? Welfare? Social Security? Homeland security? High unemployment? Job/gender discrimination? Low wages? Inflation? Depression? Disease control? Disaster relief? High crime rate? Veterans? The elderly? Poverty? The homeless? The hungry? Orphans? Sale calls? Spam? Viruses? Idenity theft? Missing persons and Corruption? .... Don't you think all this shit is connected? But I guess you are not a Life Coach.

The Humane Society Where is the balance? As evident by all the killing and abuse today, the human society has rightfully earned the title of “Inhumane Society” and are rewarded for allowing the situation to remain out of control, in order to appeal to upper class America. How can you justify humane treatment when all about you is infestation, abuse, cruelty and death? This organization has miserably failed in its ability to maintain “peace and harmony” in nature.

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