Rag Mags


Reading Dirt, are lies that entertaining to you? Is it true?

Rag mags shoved in your face. What’s true about them?Can you read dirt? Those are the people who buy the “rag mags”.

Everybody knows what a “rag mag” is. Just go through the checkout of any of your local grocery stores. They’re located in the “check lanes” on your left and right.

While waiting to checkout, you can’t help but to read eye catching “headlies” luring you in.

They are called “rag mags” because they’re magazines with embellished reporting’s. A bad picture and a luring “headlie” is all it takes to make a sale. People love to read dirt, because they’re under the impression that gossip is entertaining - True.

"Pay dirt comes to mind, does it count?"

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Reading and writing do they count?

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