The Man behind the Mask

What for Coach are you and why do you continue ignoring your inner voice

Is it that we just can't help ourselves? We talk about how great of a job we're doing, but what's happening to your power? Do you even know (((your inner voice))), are you that confused, out of touch? Are you considered crazy, foolish... for listening to thine own self -why? Are you a joke?

The man behind the shadows, the mask…Repeatedly ignoring your inner voice, where does that get you, Do you have… Peace, love and respect, why not? Are these phony words of the past? Then, for what are we living?

The man behind the shadow, the man behind the mask, the Punk Asses…Now, we’ve got a huge war waged against terrorists, gangs…but what about these special interest groups. Are they working for the good of the whole, any human rights, do they even know human beings exist?

Ever wonder why you work like hell, never getting anywhere? As a matter of fact the harder you work the worse our/your situation gets. Don’t be in denial. Where are our family events, jobs, is this any indication of how large businesses support us?

Why do we believe, no matter what evils these special interest groups do to us, they have our best interest at heart? Like cows being led to slaughter, why do you sit back and do nothing? As a matter of fact, you help them lead us to slaughter? Talking about the man behind the mask, what kind of human being you? Why do you repeatedly ignore your inner voice?

Big things are happening daily, millionaires and billionaires are in secret, hoping you don't notice.

Groups like the Koch brothers' Americans for Prosperity and Karl Rove's Crossroads GPS should have to disclose exactly who's behind the millions of dollars they're spending to influence you.

They will avoid this for as long as they can. After all, they have a vested interest in being able to spend millions anonymously to influence your thoughts -- many of the corporations and individuals funding their organizations don't want their agendas to be known because they will receive scrutiny from the press or the public.

We can make sure they don't get away with hiding their hidden agendas. But it's going to take a lot of us standing up, putting our foot down, and saying "Hell no." Are you willing to do that? Is there a better way? Are you willing to accept these evils?

That’s why our country is the way it is, we do not give-a-shit about quality, we don’t give-a-shit that our monies, resources are being exhausted in fraud, waste and abuse.

We're putting together a plan, a program demanding secret front groups disclose for the country exactly who their donors are. Do what these guys won't do, but demand of you: Let the country know exactly what you stand for by listening to your inner voice today.

Ask yourself: Don't we all have the human right to know exactly which corporations and individuals are spending millions to attack us, influence our thinking -- and what their agendas are?

What good is a human right when you do not exercise it – a transparent system accountable to the people it protects and serves? That is a human right!

(((your inner

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