Matthew Abraham

Starvation awareness through NETWORKing. End world hunger by 2020!

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Words, Work and Photo...The greatest feeling is being surrounded by people doing such great and wonderful "World" Deeds". No Fear! We strive to be different!

Matthew said: Meeting people like you who want to find out what they can do really, really bless my heart. Sadly, there aren't enough of you. However, we can change that by showing leadership and inspiring others to do righteous deeds. :-)

I will be very pleased to send you an email with a link to our presentation. Afterwards we can discuss the matter.

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Bryce Henderson
(Matthew Abraham in Hebrew)

I have befriended Matthew and committed to join him in the fight against hunger. I was doing it before so why not unite?

Here are the words of Matthew Abraham - "With the help of God, we will bring an end to world hunger by 2020. Who wants to join in this noble cause?

Over 16,000 children die from starvation every day. I'm promoting awareness and a method which provides food for these children, literally saves their lives, and provides an income for kind people who would help them. This is NETWORK GIVING. Inbox me for details."

Join me in this noble cause? Visit me on FACEBOOK: Vist Matthew on FACEBOOK

Okay, Art here! I am also committed to helping the cause of Matthew Abraham and Starvation awareness through NETWORKing,,,Register for free, No Obligation,,,only share! Help me, help Matthew by registering here: Team Building Project

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