Santa Claus

I do not believe, Croatia...Bosnia, Serbia, Kosovo, Albania and Hertzegovina

"Now I read it... I'm not against Santa...but there were years in Serbia when there was no milk for babies...and no one guess i don't believe in Santa anymore...

p.s. It was during wars in ex yugoslav republics...many refugees from Croatia...Bosnia and Hertzegovina...and now from Kosovo...someone gave Kosovo to Albanians...and people in Serbia still do not have normal life...that's why I do not believe in miracles like Santa...sorry...but that's reality" -- E.A.

Let us show E.A. some love! Let us show E.A. miracles can and do happen, whether you believe or not. Let us get plenty of milk for babies! Let us give plenty of help: Team Building Project

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Divine Bible Church...

End World Hunger - Matthew Abraham

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