Meals a Day


How many meals should one eat a day? First you'll have to ask yourself some questions, giving honest answers.

Eating three meals a day or six meals a day, what will that get you? That's a very good and important question because, Americans are literally eating ourselves to death and its getting worse. So if we can save one?

Why would you ask one of the most obese, violent, nonproductive, hypocritical societies in existence today? Why would you follow their lead? If they knew, would it be so?

Why would you ask a society in which the average food travels 1300 miles before it reaches your table?

Why would you ask that question of a society who believes fast food and fast food restaurants are a thing of the future?

How wasteful are we?

Why would you ask that of a society who has the unhealthiest addictions in the world? Bad habits are hard to break and we’re in "a serious state of denial" about them all. The illusion

Exactly, what are comfort foods?

You should eat ONE good healthy meal per day and if you’re eating the right stuff, you can graze all day. Now, that leaves room for desert and all that other stuff, you do not need.

Don't accuse me of belittlering or being a traitor, but understand your weaknesses and confess them.

(((your inner

Message to Vegans and Vegetarians

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