You are a Messenger

You are a Messenger from God or whoever you choose.

Spoon by spoon, you are being nourished to serve this urgent message and carrying it out is a blessing to all concerned.

Only you know what this message is and it is needed to further living. Your message is life more abundantly.

Time: Who, what, when, where, why is not upto you. You have a time limit, unknown to all, to "serve" this message. Do you know what urgent means?

You are not hear to see how much money and power you can make for your message or to figure out your target audience is all those who can afford to purchase whatever junk you have for sale. Junk is what your message becomes when "you" put a price to "your most urgent message", "given" for the benefit of all man and mankind. We all have junk.

Your urgent message has something to do with "Helping the needy and the poor".

Failure to serve your urgent message means you have you have failed to live. That is the only secret.

What is your message?

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