Is Living Giving and Giving living?

Boy, I am living in the fast lane, got money, honeys and cars. Why are people so mesmerized by money? Do you need money to live? Somebody is telling a lie somewhere?

Yes, living is giving but in the sense of the manner, giving is not living? What if you have nothing to give? What happens when you continue giving but never receiving?

If I give all my money away, like I have, will it come back to me?

I think the ability to give is a spiritual quest. You cannot just go by material junk, even though there is lots of pressure there to do otherwise.

Giving is an indicator that you are blessed enough to have something to offer. Will it run out? Just think if nobody gave and everybody refused to share? Well, if you think you have got it bad now, life as we know it would come to an abrupt halt. It is just about there now, but we still have a ray of hope?

Knowledge and wisdom are two very powerful tools, neither of which should cost a penny, but. To whom you give knowledge you give power and wisdom is better than silver and gold. I will be glad when I can experience that?

Living is doing what life expects from and of you; My purpose, faith, patience, love, endurance, persecutions, sufferings. I am living for my people and all people.

Now, to determine what that means, many factors are involved, the outcome of which is determined by my attitude. How was I presented and now, how I present myself?

I do my very best to live life wisely and genuinely - always with the intention of contributing something of value. I embrace all of life and reach out in joy to help others.

But, will that help come back to me - boomerang? Give to all generously and ungrudgingly! What does it cost me to keep giving?

Six great precepts to help live a good life.

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