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This should be mandatory reading for All police departments. My hard earned tax dollars help pay for this place and all that goes with it. The peoples' house!

June 10, 2011 Will the MPD get their man?
Got a call from DH? He said, "I and anybody else should have reported suspicous activities or behaviors, before it hits? I said, look how long it took you to respond..I thought nobody cared? I know one thing, I am not going to sit by while somebody robs us all blind. This is the second theft, within a week, in our nice little community. DH said he understood and we both agreed and made an appointment for Monday or Tuesday. Stay tuned!

If not challenged or stopped, this guy will continue his criminal behavior! Right now, he's stealing whatever he sees from the road! In addition to his unknown night activities, he's walking around in broad daylight picking up stuff from your yards, concealing with a piece of clothing or stashing it away. He has gotten so obvious and frequent, it looks like he is actually in the Junk Business. Also have strong suspicion that he is apart of a little robbery ring. He thinks is Jesse James clever? If not challenged soon, he'll be breaking into our homes!

My thoughts: Does a small city see crime or know their ciminals better than a large city? If they see him everyday, have is record and does not monitor the suspicious behavior of repeat offenders, criminals have less reason to be more careful about the crimes they commit. But if criminal know you are watching, not affraid to challenge, because they have shown themselves worthy, the criminal would be less likely to commit the same old crime. Especially, if it is the authories!

This guy stole from me and a neighbor in the same week. My neighbor did not make a police report because she thought it to be too minor and nothing would happen anyway? This is a work in progress--keeping the community safe!

For these reasons, I commit to working together to keep crime out of our community? Will telling cause you more or less trouble?

Does the MPD have the same abilities and skills as the LAPD or NYPD? Because we are backwoods, can we not deter crime? Can we handle our business? GUNSMOKE! Can we get our smoking gun?

Can a small community deter crime any faster, better? Does it make any difference whether you are in a small/rural or large/urban community? What about demographical information? Does our Police really know how to police a community, without destroying "the community"? Are they professional enough to do that without invading your privacy, friend or foe, victim or perpetrator?

Do they know the difference between carrying an innocent box down the road and SMUGGLING A BOMB or stolen goods? Do they care enough to find out? Do they know the Art of making a community feel safe? Are our cops really on top of their jobs? It is too late for me, but will do my best to work with them. Then check back here every once in a while and I will tell if we caught our crook. Do crooks read?---Art, the Crime Fighter.

8:29pm - I received my first threatening phone call- Hartgrove, A.; 478-295-0417:: "If you come in my yard again, you are going to be a dead dog", IAW caller id. Coincident or what? Was it a wrong number? Either way, why did not they phone the cops? Too many people taking matters in their own hands!

UPDATE: 11 JUNE: Since the incidents recorded above, two additional incidents have been reported. 1- Three window unit air conditioners stolen from the church parsonage next door Tuesday 7 June. 2 - The robbers also hit our community church, but were unable to steal the central air units.

My thoughts: It has got to be a local robbery ring!

UPDATE: 13 JUNE: Today, local authorities led by DH, found one item stolen from my yard at a local recycling center. I identified the item, a warrant was issued and one individual (DH) was apprehended and charged with Theft by Taking. ///END OF MY CASE///

My thoughts: The criminal will spend anywhere from hours to a days in jail until he gets a bond. Most important, the criminal will understand, there are consequences for his actions. The ring will get the message to take their robbing elsewhere.

CONGRATULATIONS TO Milledgeville Police Department and "DH". Due to the hardwork and dedication of these officers, I am looking forward to much, much, better days!

Serving MILLEDGEVILLE??? Do you ever look at your own reputation? Do you know really what’s going on? Do you know what the local citizens feel about your services? What if they were less than adequate? Do you care?

I am not writing this article to throw stones. I am writing this article because I want the truth to get to every single officer on the Milledgeville Police Department and every single citizen of Milledgeville Ga and I am not going to bite my tongue. For the MPD, I am looking for a better day?

What happens when you are victimized? What happens when you report a robbery/burglary from your home? What is supposed to happen?

Taxpayers “pennies at work”, paid to 42 sworn officers, cops who consider themselves “top notch” and are sworn to protect and serve "law abiding citizens"? Why do we pay for them to “work” in such a nice facility with all the expensive cars, investigative equipment and “special training” when the quality of work is less than adequate? Exactly, what kind of up to date information are you providing?

Think about shit? You want to know why most crimes are not reported, because it does no good. Then, whey you do report, due to negligence on behalf of the police, it could cause you even more harm. How do you feel when someone, anyone tells you there is NOTHING I CAN DO? How do you feel when you know who took your property and the police says, There is nothing we can do? What about conduct a comprehensive investigation and/or what your investigation revealed?

No I am not angry, but I am concerned and it is time to speak up! What happens when a man is hobbled? All of his work tools stolen. Do you tell him he is not the only one? The citizens of this town are being screwed from both ends. Is not that who you are sworn to protect and serve? Ask yourselves some serious questions? Are you helping criminals or citizens? How is your track record? Our community is flooded with stolen goods.

It has been more than a week now and not a follow-up, an inquiry, not NOTHING from my local police department? Was I wasting my time or what? How long does it take you to make it look like you are doing your job? In high profile crimes, no matter, if there are witnesses or not, they have methods of prosecuting the criminal.

What is a lead??? How many leads do you need to investigate a crime?

More than $1,000 worth of tools and equipment walks away and they tell you there is nothing they can do? $1,000 dollars to a poor man is everything he owns? Do they even conduct a comprehensive investigation? And they have the nerve to refer to themselves as “MPD”? Why is the answer always “nothing” and” a long explanation about what they “cannot do”? How in the “Sam Hell” is that providing the highest quality of service as a law enforcement agency to the citizens of our community?

You should be talking to members of the community and doing something.

If it was a drug related incident or a “high profile case”, then they would conduct all kind of comprehensive investigations, sending all kinds of cars and squads. The investigation would be on going.

Why cannot local officials see these burglars? The citizens know them, especially repeat offenders. We see them walking around everyday burglarizing other places and conducting suspicious actions, while the MPD looks the other way. Small town, if the citizens know, who has no special training, why don’t the MPD, who has been specially trained? I mean is this hard or what?

Who are these known burglars? Who is that standing on our street corners? Are they friend or foe? Who is that carrying stolen goods to scrap yards, pawn shops and drug houses? How many of those do we have? How hard is that to investigate?

Do they ask the value of what was stolen? Would they even inquire about your allegations? Sad to say, but you just do not give a damn. If you cannot solve the petty crimes, how in the hell can you solve more serious crimes? Is the investigation even “on-going”?

Regular citizens are considered and treated as nobodies. That is how they make you feel when it comes to protecting your property, but yet you pay your taxes like all others and they pretend to be doing such a great job. You work hard for people just to come along and steal your shit?

Do they have a reputation for recovering stolen goods? People want their hard earned stuff back and you are too sorry to quickly get off your ass and do your job. Too late! Is that why our community is flooded with stolen goods?

Are they seriously reducing the crime rate? Milledgeville is a very small town, where can so many burglars hide themselves and their stolen goods? Is it a ring? Will the crime rate ever be reduced, why not? This article will probably serve better at deterring and reducing the local crime rate, than the MPD.

When they read this they will do even less should I am victimized, so what do I have to lose? There are a bunch of sorry ass people in this world, but it is sad when most of them are on your local police department.

It is the policy of the Milledgeville Police Department that all personnel will "strive" to provide the highest quality service as a law enforcement agency to the citizens of the City of Milledgeville and shall be available for calls within the department’s service area 24 hours a day, seven days a week. And then what???

Remember, together we can make a difference. Every single person deserves to be validated.

What kind of reputation do you have You ain't got one for anything good! 42 sworn men, who fail to do the work of one good man and still get paid. For the love and respect of people and family, others can track down and bring to justice one man, the world over; but the MPD cannot track down one man in Milledgeville!





Relationships, peace and harmony, Safety and security???

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