Mind over Matter

Disable for the money...You don't mind, then it doesn't matter, but is that true?

You don't mind and it don't matter!

Do not judge me, do not change me! So many cross roads and not knowing which to take. How do you believe and does it really matter? Is this shit really the way I think it is? You don't mind and it doesn't matter, then what is a all the fuss about?

Give yourself a little time to think about it. Pain and suffering, is there cure? For what are we working? Why commit suicide?

This one says do it this way, that one says do it that way? If you cannot afford this, then apply here.

We make things so confusing today, it is hard to make a sound decision about any of it-choices. So many differ and different, suffering unnecessarily, due to their inability to adjust. Is that why we're here? Most are not able to figure this out until too late or much later in life and often the better part of their lives is behind them.

Can money save me, can it even help or does it make matters worse? Why are people so desperate for it? They will do more for money than for self?

Being in the wrong position, just how do you get yourself in the best position, as early as possible to survive? Be careful for what you ask? Working for financial Freedom, freedom from what, when the more you make the higher things get? Is that real or made up? How do you teach your children this system? Is it democracy, republican, race, people...who where is the realy enenmy and how do you neutralize him? Does someone, anyone have to tell you about God or is he inside you?

You need to know about mind over matter. No matter how hard it gets, keep your faith, you don't mind and it doesn't matter. If a person cannot respect that, what will happen if you change? Afterwards, they will start telling you more and more how to live. Is that a cult or what?

In what must you believe in order to get over this matter? Whose mind and what matters? Non-judgmental - So, if I open my mind, stop being prejudice, double standard...how do I do that and keep my job? You know how some people want to be disable for the money? Why take advantage of each other when you can take advantage of the universe?

Caring goes a long ways, Talk, Talk, Talk, tell somebody - communicate,,,not complain!

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