A system built on making people better mentally and spiritually?

Is that a halo over your head or is that trouble?

Well, if that is not so, why are we getting in so much trouble? Is there a positive opportunity here waiting for us? Is life a tough place to do time? Eveyone has to survive, to make money or to take money, is there a difference? Who can you trust? Is an unstable environment and opportunity?

Are you a team player? You may feel trouble is well away and you may look at those who fall on hardtimes and make serious mistakes and those who fall victim to these mistakes, as weak with no regard for human decency and rights?

What about those of us not imprisoned? Do we respect violence more than intelligence? So, you know the case, but do you have any influence over the verdict? We are a rough population that needs strict management and close security. Are you a bad kid or just adventuresome?

It is going to take a lot more to get through to the people and until, people must survive on their own. Evey person is their own community and must struggle to make ends meet. We are going to keep trying and hopefully one day.

Are you willing to risk it all? The edvidence does not support the theory. If you are not a part of the status quo, then what are you? We have the weapon but not the killer. Does the network really work? What about the wisdom of the tough lessons learned here?

To agitate mentally or spiritually, Trouble is never far away. As a matter of fact, trouble will find you. You do not want to give up your possessions because you think they are all you have. Will you be a hero or victim? Are we defending the wrong thing, Pride?

Most of the time, we are on the verge of our breakthrough when we make the wrong decision. So when trouble knocks at your door, what are you going to do? If we do not communicate Trouble, only time will tell, mentally and spiritually? Mind over matter.

(((your inner

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