Miserable Conditions

In what kind of conditions are you/we living?

Most of us are going to tell a lie, talking about how good they are, when we know just the opposite and things are getting worse. We're in a serious state of denial and that's what makes our position in and on life so dangerous.

Why the more we have the worse it gets? Is it because we fail to use what we have properly - waste, fraud and abuse. Waste, fraud and abuse is our track record rather than helping each other overcome.

As a people, how healthy are we? How sick are we? How effecitive and efficient are we? Who can you trust?

Dear Brother Art, How are you doing? I do not think your conditions are more or less miserable than mine. A lot people bullshit about how good it’s going, but if you have it so easy, for what are you working? What challenges are you facing and how do you resolve them?

Dear Brother Art, How are you doing…my condition is quite miserable, loose my hope, feels failure man in all areas I am not a good father of my 3 kids because unable meet their needs even.....

some times i think that why i live this useless life ... please pray and advise as your younger brother- Kallu

Brother Kallu and I are about telling the truth so we can be helped, not lying, stealing and cheating to knock our fellow man down. Whoever said it was going to be easy?

Know we love, respect and appreicate you Kallur. You are a blessing to not only your family, but to the world. We need your strength. This is not the beginning nor the end.


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