My Positive Predictions 2010

Positive Predictions to attract your new reality. Program the Universe to bring your vision into your reality. Fun and Creative!

Visualize the future and Unlimited possibilities to Attract your reality to you.

Do not doubt and Don’t make negative future predictions. There’s a better way. Let’s imagine a happy and prosperous future. Let’s make 2010 the year of Positive Predictions.

Here’s my list for 2010, Positive Predictions:

Work with creative ideas of marketers, inventors and entrepreneurs.

The United States explodes out of the current recession by harnessing several new technologies.

Every person who visits my web site is healed and prosperous beyond belief! I have Alternative sources of energy!

I am preserving my 1895 family home and I invite you to visit me at my modern day farm.

Innovative automobile technologies, I just ordered mine! Gas prices are down and my salary up!

My web site and SBI, are making Miracles, breaking records, Attracting Money Right and left. I just received a six-figure grant with which to work.

I made nice contributions to my favorite charities.

My positive predictions are reaching the critical masses and transforming the planet in a single thought projected around the world– by thought alone.

My 68 chevy is being converted to a hydrogen-gas super truck, to be delivered directly to me, mid-year. It is getting front page news across the world as the first truly sexy environmentally friendly muscle truck. I like my truck!

As you can see, this exercise is exciting. You might also note my “predictions” are written as if they are after-the-fact. Imagine, visualizing life as your goals are already achieved, they are just waiting on you.

Program the Universe to bring your vision into your reality- Positive Predictions.

your inner voice connecting more doing more. For a better today.

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