Mother Nature

Mother Earth and Father Sky and Just"us" for all?

Where is our spirit for natural experiences and healing?How can this be approved by powers that be when they denounce natural alternative healing? How can you be so pro modern med/Science and discard traditional proven remedies?

The purpose of our lives is to maintain a healthy balance between people and Mother Nature, by living in peace and harmony with Mother Nature. This is our first and far most relationship. The name of this game is RESPECT for self and all gifted to us. Gifted might not be the correct word being there is something expected in return.

Mother Nature is the combination of Mother Earth and Father Sky. Honor your parents. Does Earth and Sky produce Nature?

Is God a he and Mother Nature a she? Who is God!

Food, Shelter and Clothing, from where do they come, but seldom do we thank or show signs of appreciation and gratitude for Mother Nature. We have 4th of July, Christmas, Thanksgiving... but nothing for Mother Nature. Thanksgiving comes close but any more it is about eating. Which day do we not eat? What would happen if we skipped just one day? Then why not? Mother nature does not have to live with us, but we must live with Mother Nature.

The awesome forces of Mother Nature are inevitable, unchangeable, unpredictable and unforgiving. Our Food, Shelter and Clothing are constantly changing, moving and presenting new challenges, causes and effects.

People are constantly seeking ways to predict, effect and/or get in her good graces. If not for our own sake, for the sake of those around us. Therein, a little problem has developed with GREED. One of us, using resources provided for all of us, has inserted themselves and are manipulating most of us based on their ability to control what we need. That is profitable but not prosperous. Hence, we are a people with a dead spirit and no absolute truths. They are interfering with our abilities to respect and live with the forces driving life, liberty and justice for all and all is not all we know, but all we do not know. Without this spirit you will never know. How else do you gain wisdom?

To regain our spirit, we must respect the forces of Mother Nature or together suffer the consequences in our daily lives. Not one minute can we let our guard down. We check the weather. We plant in season. Neglect or failure is futile and when she does strike, we need each others' help to recover.

Irregardless of religion, race, creed, color, oil, weapons of mass destruction, together we must live. Together we must believe. Together we must understand our purpose, if we are to best survive her forces.

We are quick to say or lay blame, further creating problems. Of all the races in the history or America, This race is the first and only race, that we can truly say, "It is not a racial thang".

Teach more people how to feed, cloth and shelter themselves so they can best learn and teach how to live with the powerful forces of Mother Nature.

A change is coming! Do we really understand why and how we should live together? --Mother Nature.

(((your inner





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