Singles Awareness Day

National Singles Awareness Day, also know as Valentine's Day, Coincident or what?,

What do singles do while couples enjoy each other on National Singles Day, 14 February, also known as Valentine’s Day?

Is there a such thing as people who do not have anyone special in their lives? Is this the one time in the year where you are guaranteed to feel miserable about yourself because you have no one special with whom to share? How do we celebrate?

Is it a coincident that National Singles Day is on Valentine’s Day, to rid ourselves of singles?

    I do not think so, moping is not fun, especially on V-Day and here are a few tips if you are:

  • Spend some quality time with yourself. Do not be consumed by the commercial aspects (gift giving, glamour …) on National Singles Day or Valentine’s Day. To the contrary, I find these two days to be another day for spiritual confirmation and self-examination. We do not get many opportunities as these. Now, would not it be great to find someone the same? Seek alternative ideas.Practice being much more friendly than usual and enjoy life. The word “alone” does not automatically mean “lonely”. Happiness with self is what it is all about, not one day in the but as many as possible

  • recognition of national singles Day, this is a good time to make new friends and get reacquainted with old. Flirting is a good thing.

  • you have the feeling to go out, go and maybe you will meet a “sweetheart” or someone interesting.And last but not least, you can throw your own party.

    Drop the expectations and enjoy these unique days for what they really mean. Learn to love and respect yourself and you will be loved and respected by others.

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St Valentine visits your inner voice.

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