First Date Sex

Casual or meaningful?

Does first date sex ruin a relationship? Yes, more so than it builds them. Why?

So, why do we try to make it appear that first date sex can be okay for building healthy relationship? Does the end results out weigh the risks? Does the end justify the means? Do not we have enough proof?

How do you consider your most intimate body parts? Are they casual or meaningful? In a sexual relationship how do you demand to be treated? Would you like a test drive before you buy?

When you really love someone, can the sex be bad?

What does it take to have good sex? Why not make sure, as much as possible, all of that has been cleared before actually engaging in sex?

Why do we make sex the focus of our relationships? Is sex what love is? The latest love studies can help you score a date, have better sex and even make your relationship stronger - DO YOU ACTUALLY BELIEVE THAT?

Healthy wealthy and wise can do much more!

In our society, why is there so much emphasis on having sex? Why do we associate sex with being in love? Do you know how many much more important things there are to discuss and do about building good healthy relationships, other than sex and they are even more gratifying?

Before actually engaging in the sexual act itself, sex is all mind over matter. During your baby making years, sex is all about reproducing.

If you survive that, you might be able to have some fun, then and only then. Then we would not be asking such stupid questions or have kids doing such stupid things and ideas that all equals a "ZER0". Dirty old man! If you cannot figure out how to wash your ass, how can you figure out where to stick your pecker? Toilet paper running out! Looking for love in all the wrong places.


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