St. Valentine
~Caused Change Forever~

purity, innocence and humbleness!

Other than buying and selling? Saint Valentine visits
(((your inner voice)))!

Is that a dove or pigeon - purity, innocence and humbleness? Be my Valentine! I want a gift! Do you need a lover? We even have broken-hearted jewelry for those of you who will not make it!

What are you doing for St. Valentine's Day? Do we know the real name? What is love or is it, what does love have to do with it? Why have we removed the "St." from Valentine's Day?

Have you noticed the latest trend developing on Valentine’s Day? The latest myths and traditions are red roses, candy in heart- shaped boxes, mushy valentines cards, and winged cherubs flying all about shooting starry-eyed lovers in the heart with loving arrows.

With this trend, there has been a serious increase in people buying and selling on Valentine’s Day. The streets are literally littered with little popup stands selling gifts for you and your Valentine.

Are we licking our chops for the wrong reasons? Anybody can buy candy, flower and jewelry, but not anybody can make candy, flowers and jewelry. Are we losing the true meaning of love?

These days, the commercial aspects of Valentine’s Day, like most other holidays, far outweigh the Spiritual aspects of St. Valentine’s Day. We justify that by saying, buying and selling is just as good as or better than making it. That is how we have become so confused about the real meaning, how and what to make on this day special. Now, you know why the "Saint" was removed.

He says, he would rather see and you would get more value out of sharing meaningful heartfelt moments together, than you would shopping in our local department stores and coming home with an arm load of special gifts. The experience would be much more meaningful and your Valentine’s Day will take on a whole new meaning.

The true meaning would remain pure. Remember, they were guilty of treason and just prior to being beheaded he wrote a note to his lover. The message was, unconditional love and devotion, even upon pain or death. The day we know as St. Valentine's Day actually commemorates the death of an early Christian martyr, Valentine, who was put to death for refusing to renounce his faith. There were none of the commercial aspects we attribute today? In that spirit, if he was so recognized why would we want to do any different?

Valentine's Day has grown to be associated with Love and Romance and that is great! I could not think of a better reason or occasion to celebrate. But first you must ask and answer the question, What is love to you? Because Valentine’s Day is all about your ability to make that happen. Next, by what faith are you guided?

Expressing Your love! What are some of the best ways to express your love for and to each other, without going out to the local department stores or establishments? How do you keep the spirit of Valentine’s Day and get better and better?

Budget constraints are a major deal these days, globally and individually. That is why more people are buying and selling and soon the selling will exceed the buying. Working people have increasingly less time and are looking for an easier fix. Suppliers will keep supplying until the demand is met. The thing here is Valentine’s Day is not about your ability to buy and sell. Would not it be better if we took a little break from hustling and filled the streets with love and romance? You cannot buy love or relationships? Buying and selling is putting a damper on your ability to love and be loved. Proud? Instead, use it to step up on.

Discover that unique gift the person you love really wants. To do that you must be a good listener and practice good communication skills. Otherwise, you end up just competing with the Valentine’s couple next door or falling victim to the best sales pitch.

St. Valentine's Day, February 14, is the day we have set aside for Romance and Love. You cannot effectively do all of that rushed and under pressure. It only comes with patience and time, so take advantage of it and share. Much of what you decide to do depends on how long, how close you are and future plans. Stay true to them. Preparation. Timing and Thought are always important and you really want your appreciation known on this special day. Start early in your preparations and work your way through with the same intensity you desire in the end. You are setting the foundation for better things to come.

Plan your day together so you may spend quality time. The best part of the journey is looking forward to it.

Spiritual. This is the best way to start everyday, but on Valentine’s Day, you have the whole day to get spiritually reacquainted. These are the laws by which you are guided. Spiritual Laws for Success three? Take the WHOLE Day! Get your relationship out of the rut. Do something a little different. Here is one suggestion. Pick a nice church, any nice church, as long as it is different from the church you all normally attend and attend it together. Spiritual exchange is a time to take time out to recommit to each other, making new intentions known.

If you are going to celebrate what is believed to be the true meaning of Valentine’s Day, you have to be spiritual. I thought this source to be very informative Meaning of Valentine

Clean. Personal hygiene, there is nothing more sacred than a clean place to dwell. Put your creative juices and spirit into it.

The Meal. We must eat and drink no matter what day it is, so why not include the meal? Together, make it festive, healthy and wholesome. Share with love ones.

Servant, become a servant to those you love, rather than demanding your needs be met.

>>>To The Women: <<< How many ways can I show someone else that I care more for them than I do myself? It is not that you show others more love for them than you do for yourself, but that you have your priorities in order. Love your neighbor as yourself.

>>>To The Men:<<< Men often feel slighted on this special day. However, a date with destiny is in order. Make time to make romance and love. A man would much rather see you come in a trench coat, with nothing on under, than he would to see you coming in with five designer shirts.

Once Saint Valentine visits you, your Valentine's Day and your life will too take on new meaning and a new beginning.


~Forever Changed Romantically~

(((your inner

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