Identity theft


I can't get a damn thing for it, but you're telling me somebody else can, how?

Who's fault is that?

Your identity is most vulnerable online.

Protect my identity for who? Think about that one for a good moment. Would it be from evil ass bankers and banks, greedy investors, scams or predatory credit lenders? Insurance company profits, Outrageous utility companies, Sales and credit calls? Charitable contributions and taxes? Which evil is more than likely to rob me blind? How evil are you??

It’s all about money isn’t it? Caught between a rock and a hard place. The more advanced we get, the more corrupt we become. Does the smarter man win? If they would give me half the money, like they do others who help, I’d give them my identity. My country tears of the, if they lied about Jesus, why wouldn’t they lie about me? Protecting yourself, does that mean I need or can pay you to protect me?

So what if they steal my identity, it will not be the first time and I’ve still not recovered it since.

Just who am I? My credit score? Not enough collateral? No credit history? Co-signer? Not enough points? Would you lend me any money anyway, when I needed it most, you refused?

The same force that keeps the universe in order keeps my life in order. I am one with this creative energy. Together we co-create and establish order in the days and events of my life. Centered and aware of the divine order in which I live, I am at peace. Not hiding, I face each day with confidence and assurance of the right outcomes.

I can relax in knowing my life is unfolding in a way that will bring me to my greatest good.

Keep straight the path of your feet, and all your ways will be sure. If you ever start paying, you'll be paying the rest of your life.

(((your inner

Identify domestic terrorists and terrorism?

Indentity Crisis?

This is my country and if you don't like it?

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