New Meaning for the word STUPID - 2012

Why would you cut short the man who made it all possible?

This message is for all men, but in particular Black Men in America and even more particular, Black 2012 Presidential Candidates.

Boy, it doesn't take much for people to turn on you.

If your mama or wife or whoever does not have the intestinal fortitude to tell you, then I will.

You might say, I don't know shit, but I am here to tell you, You are "stupid as hell" for running against President Barack Obama. Even worse you bring a new meaning to the word STUPID AS HELL.

You are cutting the man off at every corner. You're cutting him short. You're tearing him down. You are wearing him out. You are causing more "chaos and confusion" than good. You are further dividing a people.

You show and demonstrate GROSS DISRESPECT for the man who made it all possible. You are causing our glorious moment to be short lived. So what the hell are you going to do for us?

You are taking for granted, taking lightly, you're jeopardizing for what we marched, worked, fought and died so hard for - to get a Black Man elected President.

What should you do? You should sit your asses down until the next election 2016 or so. You should rally and support President Barack Obama or your candidate of choice.

What's going to happen to you? You are going to get more of the same, except it will be worse.

wHERE is your humble spirit, patience, divine order? How in the hell do you think you can take over and do a better? If they don't like him, they are really going to HATE your STUPID Ass.

If they are trying to assassinate him, what do think they are going to do with your "Rabbit Ass"? Why would you help them assassinate him? Two asses in the word.

President Barack Obama wasn't just there for himself -- he was there representing you. Think about shit, you are dragging us ALL down.

(((your inner

Money, Money, Money and Politically Sophisticated Americans

Afraid to take action

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