News for Sandusky

and Wives who break silence - too late!

Are our spouses our greatest supporters?

What for family members do you have? Would they hide the fact their parents are drug addicts? Should they and what should be done about it? It is a growing problem isn't it?

How responsible are wives for knowing what their children are doing, their whereabouts and what they are supposed to be doing? Are the activities of these wives accountable to their husbands?

Have you been Sanduskied?

Is that good or bad? I don’t know the gentlemen, but I understand plenty of youth passed through his way. That he was a great man to whom they looked up to. That he was a family man, very well respected, trusted and in a great position of responsibility, based upon his great moral and ethical character.

That Mr. Sandusky was well compensated for his contributions and efforts.

So exactly what does it mean to be Sanduskied?

Former Penn State football defensive coordinator Gerald "Jerry" Sandusky, is escorted by Pennsylvania State Police and. Why?

Wife Breaks Silence. Why, did she know? Was it her responsibility to know? Wife of ex-Penn State coach says husband innocent, accusers lying about child sex abuse claims.

Or have you been Sanduskied? Why all of sudden these type of allegations? Is there a remote chance? Would you be willing to take that chance or responsibility? Abuse in any form? Where does violence and abuse stop? How do you deal with your offenders? Is it innocent til proven guilty or guilty until proven innocent --- sex offenders now?

What about "sexual harassment"? Should you ever put yourself in that position? Compromise your integrity?

Now, you know, exactly what will you do? What corrective action? Are we responsible? Am I my brother's keeper? How can you keep up with your brother and you can't even keep up with your husband? What if your child tells you he or she was abused?

Talk about growing problems, being the solution or the problem?

What about the wife of Herman Cain?

"Living the life you love" begins thinking what that lifeactually looks like. - Shawn Anderson

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