Nobody’s become Somebody’s

Where are all the Nobody's? Why do you think like that? Helping others.

There's a new generation on the horizon, we've got to be ready. We don't have to campaign for anything, all we have to do is keep being great, until the tide change.

If Nobody knows? My optimism was fading fast thought you would take interest in this now I make all the calls trust me on this.

How do you hang with the BIG Boys and Girls? What about your creativity and innovation, when you are a nobody? I hear Nobody’s complaining all the time, about what they ain’t got, can’t do. Is that your spirit?

How do Nobody’s become somebody’s?

Nobody’s know. I hear all the Somebody’s brainstorming about how to keep what they have, while making even more. See, they even use a different word. They’ve forgotten about “helping others” and focused in on what they think is “their bottomline”. Their ROI.

Nobody’s are people without bodies, they do not want to help anyone, outside themselves. You can be as rich as Hell and still be “A Nobody”. How do you think our country is in the condition it’s in, too many Nobody’s. Nobody’s don’t stand for shit and fall for everything. Look at all these stupid scams and how “well meaning people” fall for them? Well meaning will send you straight to Hell.

I see all the nobody’s go through all that Hell to become what they think is “Somebody”. Look at the likes of MJ, GWB, Herman “what’s his name” and there are a host of others. Look at their imagine, their spirit, all the shit they do to “make you believe”. How far down this road of evil will we go? Have we crossed “the line of No Return? Speaking of ROI, Return On Investment.

It always reminds me of how blessed we are to live in this country where men and women can stand up for what they truly believe. I talk a lot of shit, to protect and preserve our freedoms and preserve our way of life.

And whenever I've had the chance to meet with heroes, I've always walked away inspired by their courage and in awe of their strength. Now, what do you do?

I can't think of any better way to spend Thanksgiving than letting our servicemembers know how grateful we are for everything

Respect yourself. Who cares what “they” think? They are truly, no better than the worst of us. You are somebody’s child, somebody’s “help mate”. It ain’t what you got, but what you do with it, how you use it. Do you think Anybody’s know everything about what you need to do? Why do you run to them when they never run to you? Do you have anything Great to offer?

Offer it and With it, Do Great things together. Now, that’s the spirit. Serve - That is your Spirit!

(((your inner

How to be GREAT? Everybody can be GREAT.

I don't know from where I get this shit, but you must get some: Great Sex

Why do you keep holding all that shit in? It will be a lot better, easier if you just - Let it Go.

African Literature: Is that a new word? Well I am learning. They made sure you knew about William Shakespeare and Julius Caesar... A new thought for a good subject: But who the hell is Mohammed Abu Bekr Itoure

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