An Oppressed People

Depending on our leadership, powerful and powerless.

We are damned if we do and damned if we don't! Exactly how stupid and ignorant are you. I have learned.

conduct "shocking and illegal." mischaracterizations and fabrications--The immoral minority.

Here are just a few examples: President of U.S.'s oldest black sorority accused of using sorority credit card for "inappropriate expenses", The King of Pop and his doctor, controversial national security expert and Surpreme Court Judge and Anita Hill, inappropriate "cut off his nuts" comments and the list goes on… It is not my intent as a black writer to oppress my people by calling names, but to state the facts.

None are perfect, most of all "me". My personal life is just as rollercoaster as anyone else, but taking of the role and responsiblity of a team leader, I know it is my responsibilty to keep the two separate. Here, you are talking the cream of the crop leadership and I know I can beat that? I know they know business efforts must be clear and beyond reproach.

It is ridiculous, especially coming from an oppressed people. Don't you think we get shit on enough? Given a chance, it makes you think oppressed people are even harder on oppressed people than their oppressors. No need for crabs in a basket, they destroy themselves.

We are supposed to work our businesses and have fun, blessing others so blessings are returned. Your personal time is yours, but why take a chance on screwing it up the entire business operation? Is not the main responsibility of our leaders is to keep the business straight?

An oppressed people who despise criminal, immoral and unethical conduct, especially from subordinates and youth; yet, when placed in key leadership positions, their own integrity and behavior is too often the subject of compromise. They are always preaching education, hard work, sacrifice, the black man this, baby mama that, stop the killing; when their own actions are just the opposite, if not worse. Further, much of this poor conduct is coming from women, black women? I guess gender should not make a difference? Our leaders are just squandering away much needed money and other valuable assets.

Are we appointing the wrong people in key leadership and influential positions? Proper checks and balances, are they in place? How can we expect our youth to respect us when the work ethics of our leaders are far less than desirable or honorable? When do they tell the truth? Why should they be trusted? How can an oppressed people ever rise with good strong morals, a sense of dignity, respect and good work ethics?

As an oppressed people, we are damned if we do and damned if we do not and that is coming from the top. Until we change things?

When it comes to our leadership this is something to think on? Blacks Do Not Read

Remember someone saying or making mention to you being dumb and stupid or was that ignorant? Has there ever been a time when white people fought for black people? But we will fight to the death for them, so if we happen to survive they will recognize us above the others? The most dangerous of all oppression is to depend on your powerful oppressor to free you and share power with you, because powerful people never train powerless people to take their power away from them. - John Henrik Clarke

Everyone has a talent, it is how you use your talent. With trust comes love. Enjoy and have a great day....

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