Last Will and Testament? That was then, this is now. I will not be broken. What good is freedom without being free? I lift up my spirit high.

It is sad when you see a whole bunch of able bodied people standing around not knowing how to help themselves. There is plenty of stuff around to fulfill their needs but for whatever reasons all of it is off-limits to them only. There is plenty of water but you cannot drink. People see you as inferior to anything good for them. So they use all kind of inhumane means and measures to ensure you do not threaten them. Can you imagine what one people will do to one another when they feel threatened? Do you know about The Ears of Tasmania? What about coup d'état? What about poor people neighborhoods? You cannot tell us that a coup d' état did not happen within the Native Americans society. Oppression is worse than Depression. You think a mind is a terrible thing to waste, What about a people?

You see in America we see ourselves as immune to this type of inhumane treatment and behavior. Even though it is happening to us everyday, slavery was no big deal? So what is it to us to attack and kill a few hundred thousand Iraqis and anybody else, in the name of God? There is something going on with our threshold for what is good, moral and ethically acceptable - Human Rights? We do not respect them?

Oppressed people have lost their sense of family, unity and self-discipline. The nature of being oppressed people is to prey on oppressed people in order to distinguish yourselves from and to resist oppression. Consequently, you are willing to make a deal with the devil. You make yourselves vulnerable to attack from all sides. You do not have the ability to make allies with your immediate neighbors.

How can you live in peace and harmony when your grass always look greener on the other side. That is how our enemy was so able to infiltrate and destroy all for which we have worked. That is how we so boldly walked pass the line of no return, into the bonds of slavery, without one shot being fired.

Oppression is a mind-set, first you oppress yourself and then you are vulnerable for attack from your enemies. Oppressed people depending on Leadership?

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