Oprah Macon, Georgia
Day Two

Oprah videotapes a group of daycare students

Oh, what a difference a day makes!

After spending a night in Macon, locals awaken with their special guest Oprah Winfrey in town.

The little city really stirred when rumors swirled that Ms. Winfrey would be shopping and siteseeing downtown Macon, Georgia.

Local residents and business people poised themselves to get a glimpse of the super star and many hoped and I am sure some even prayed Oprah would stop by their shops. Especially, after hearing the reaction to her visit at a local fish restuarant.

Immediately after hearing rumors and local news broadcasts, many residents "took off" from whatever it was they were doing, even their jobs, and "beat feet" downtown to witness the once in a life time event. People cancelled appointments, took off from work, long lunches and hoboed rides.

Oprah was ready! Yes, today it was Oprah Winfrey Friday in Macon. She gave local residents and loyal fans a show greater than they could ever imagine and the people responded in kind. As they filmed Oprah, Oprah filmed them, signed autographs, greeted, had lunch and conversated. It was a match made in heaven. Macon really put their best foot forward and Oprah reached back.

People came from as far away as Michigan and certainly the response from surrounding rural towns and communities was overwhelming. Heck, that was just the folk who could afford to move at a moments notice.

I would like to be one of the first to thank Oprah for this exciting moment and opportunity. What would normally have been a routine Friday, only superseded by a local "First Friday" event, held one day in the month where local citizens enjoy an evening out in the streets of downtown Macon, was spent sightseeing and shopping with America's greatest source for inspiration. A true blessing!

Oprah, thanks to you, we had a very exciting, fun-filled day and here's wishing great success in taping your show Saturday.


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