Macon, Georgia

Day Three, Taping

Macon City Auditorium

Sign for Oprah Audience

17 November 07, 0700hrs, invited guest and local residents have already begun to arrive on location for taping of The Oprah Winfrey Show, Macon City Auditorium, at 1400hrs.

It is reported that Mr. Tim Jackson was the first arrival and proclaimed, "A November To Remember", as the theme.

Today, the last but not least, will live a dream by being in the audience for a live taping and possibly meeting Oprah in person.

Today, Macon will have the largest TV audience in it's history, with approximately half of TV sets in America getting a glimpse of the city, during the taping of The Oprah Show.

What was supposed to be a show about hometowns across America with Macon as the announced jumping-off point turned out to be the taping for Winfrey's annual "Oprah's Favorite Things" episode. She wanted to say thanks for the consistently high viewership her show receives in the Macon market.

"We love Oprah" "We love her more."
Macon, Georgia, Consistently High Viewership

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