Peeping Toms?


They are everywhere, tiny little cameras, high tech surveillance equipment and Peeping Toms. They are there for safety and security and then to exploit your personal privacy and space at will.

Which ones are legal and which are illegal? Just depends on what you are doing? Peeping Toms are what our lives have come to mean. On one hand it's good and on the other, it is as evil as they come.

Invasion of personal privacy, how much peeping does a Peeping Tom have to do before they are considered Peeping Toms? What's the difference between Peeping Tom and Spying? Even more important, what will the Peeping Tom do with the information gathered? What action will the Peeping Tom take? What modes of peeping will Peeping Toms use to peep into the lives of their victims? What drives them to your door?

Does the idea of knowing you are being watched excite you? Is your Peeping Tom young, buffed and hot looking? Would you regularly entertain your peeping visitor? People, neighbors and organizations who derive pleasure from observing the behavior others are considered Peeping Toms.

Your personal privacy is what the people have agreed upon not to observe and your personal privacy is what motivates a Peeping Tom. A Peeping Tom will break that law to spy on you.

The most common practice of a Peeping Tom is spying on people without prior approval or knowledge. They are being just plain ole too nosey.

Modern day technology has made it easier to spy on people, legally and illegally, without their knowledge.

Today, even though people are more open and old taboos are less important, Peeping Toms have resulted to even more sinister acts to derive pleasure and profits from the invasion of your personal privacy and to uphold this ancient old taboo. At the same time law enforcement and officials are having to create more laws to protect the privacy and claims of its citizens - citizens spying on citizens and a government spying on its people.

The more safety and security we get, the less privacy we enjoy, the more stressed we are. It’s a thin line between fulfilling a fantasy, discouraging crime or intruding on personal privacy. So for whatever you do, do as if someone is always watching.

Will the Peeping Tom be struck blind or dead? What drives them to your door - news for peeping toms, pleasure, extreme taboo, dogging it, safety and security or time for new leadership?

This reminds me of McCarthyism in the 50's - 60's. Is "Google Earth'a Peeping Tom and an invasion of privacy?

your comments?

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